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Drunknmunky is an ancient form of kung fu style fighting practiced by shaolin monks. The monks had to pass 9 different tests to show strength of mind and body; for each level, they were awarded a sacred dot, burnt into their forehead. In the last and most difficult test the novice would have to demonstrate mastery of DRUNKNMUNKY, showing control and strength of mind and body. You will see the 9 dots on all our garments, representing the Shaolin monk's beliefs and ideologies… Drunknmunky.

Our Californian founders drew upon their own orientaDrunknmunky About Us Logol heritage and took inspiration from the monk's beliefs. The two young founders lived and grew up through 1990's California, they noticed how the "super brands" were shaping peoples clothes, style and attitude. They created a brand with it's own identity. Individuality, strength and independence are the Drunknmunky ideologies, we embody the spirit of the Shaolin monks and believe in individuals who aren't afraid to be who they are.

Drunknmunky promotes a lifestyle, not a brand. Our streetwear represents the spirit of independence, Drunknmunky's diversity allows anyone who can realise their inner strength to embody the brand and clothing whatever your walk of life.

Individuality is a gift, Drunknmunky is our lifestyle. Set the trend, join us www.drunknmunky.co.uk

For every walk of life there is always one…

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